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Universal seat pad


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Leokid universal 3D breathable seat liner.

♡ Leokid breathable baby 3D liner helps to solve the problem of baby’s wet back in hot weather.

♡ It is made using a unique technology.

♡ Inside is a 3D grid which creates an air cushion between the baby’s back and a seat, providing air circulation.

♡ Outside is gentle superfine fiber that dries fast.

♡ Thanks to this technology Leokid breathable baby 3D liner is capable to expulse moisture from the baby's back, giving more comfort than cotton mats, sheets and napkins, which accumulate and retain moisture.

♡ Leokid breathable baby 3D liner Newborn has universal form.

♡ It fits most strollers, baby car seats, bicycle seats and high chairs.

♡ Newborn model is very convenient for newborns as it has extra thick shoulder pads and a cushion to support the baby’s head.

♡ Please note that Newborn 3D liner may be incompatible with some models of car seats with large headrests. For such seats we recommend Leokid breathable 3D liners Classic.


♡ Size: 75.5х32 cm.

♡ Back thickness: 1.5 cm.

♡ Shoulder pads and cushions thickness: 4 сm.


♡ Shell: 100% polyester.

♡ 3D grid: 100% polyester.

♡ The materials are hypoallergenic.


♡ Machine washable. Delicate or hand wash at 30°C.

♡ The superfine fiber of the 3D liner dries fast. 

♡ 3D liner shall be washed before the first use.


Specific References