Care and maintenance

Everything you need to protect your stroller and take good care of it

Care and maintenance


Wooshh soothing sound...

Price €23.95

Do you ever make shushing sounds to help your baby drop off? Then, once they’re asleep, do you creep around the house afraid to wake them?   Wooshh can help, by surrounding your baby with soothing sounds.   The comforting sounds will encourage them to drift off and help mask disruptive noises – allowing them to snooze soundly… anywhere.

Multi-Cleaner natural...

Price €21.95

A glass and multi-cleaner with coating. GoGonano Cleaner cleans and protects most materials and prolongs the operation of the coating. GoGoNano cleaner is user, material, and environmentally friendly.

WERNER CHRIST C3 protects all types of leather as far as possible from water and dirt. Regular care with C3 makes the leather water- and dirt-repellent as well as easy to care for and stable in value.

Let’s face it, anyone with infants and small children knows that their cars, strollers and car seats can quickly become soiled by spills, mud, dirt and anything else they happen to get in to. Keeping the areas your baby will be occupying clean and tidy is a job that requires constant attention. ur cleaner efficiently removes dirt, stubborn stains and sticky messes from fabric, metal, and plastic surfaces of strollers and car seats. It also effectively removes odors, giving the stroller, car seats and other surfaces a clean and refreshing smell..