ExtraWize reflectors and accessories

ExtraWize reflectors and accessories


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BuggyWize Stroller Reflector

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Price €14.95


BuggyWize fits perfectly to most buggies – best fit around frames with a diameter of 29-35mm. The product is very easy to attach and remove and can be also used on kick scooters and bicycles. The reflectors should be attached to both sides of your buggy and preferably to adults knee-height

Package includes two reflectors

All our reflectors are tested in Germany and are compliant with EU standard EN13356:2001.

RideWize phone holder

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Price €9.95

ExtraWize RideWize can be used on bicycles, buggies, electric scooters and even motorcycles. The product is adjustable and secures firmly to any handlebar. Thanks to its exceptionally durable silicon body RideWize fits all 4″ to 6″ phones.


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Price €6.00

MozziPills are refill pills for our MozziWatch anti-mosquito bracelet.

MozziPill is a natural oil-impregnated rubber pill which repels mosquitoes, ticks and other biting insects by creating a protective halo of fresh lemon scent around the user. MozziPills use only the best natural ingredients: eucalyptus citriodora oil, peppermint oil and lavender oil. Use the pills together with your MozziWatch and wear them around your wrist or ankle.