Convenient shopping with Modena - Flexible payment and financing solutions!

1. Pay in installments, 0% interest, 0€ surcharge;

2. Modena installment payment, up to 48 months;

3. Modena bank payments, fast and convenient.

1. Pay for the goods in 3 equal parts without any additional fees!

The costs related to the service are covered by the merchant in order to offer the customer the most convenient and flexible shopping experience. Modena's "pay in 3 installments" payment solution does not oblige the customer to sign a credit account.

· Quickly divide your purchase amount into three monthly payments.

· The service is always free for you - 0% interest, 0% service fee.

· The first payment is in 30 days.

To use the service, choose from among the e-shop payment methods:

You can find more information and FAQs about "Pay in 3 parts" here

2. Modena installment payment - payment for the goods based on the payment schedule

For flexible purchases, it is possible to spread the payment over a longer period. Modena installment payments allow you to do this comfortably, safely and paper-free!

· Use a 6-48 month payment schedule when paying the purchase amount.

· Intended for payment for purchases between €100-€4000

· Convenient and paperless application process

To use the service, choose from among the e-shop payment methods:

You can find additional information and FAQs about Modena installments here

ATTENTION! Each installment is a financial obligation. Before concluding an installment agreement, familiarize yourself with the terms of the service and, if necessary, consult an expert. The APR of Modena Estonia OÜ is 17.84% per year under the following example conditions: limit 1000 EUR, fixed interest rate 10%, contract fee 0 EUR, administration fee 0 EUR, total amount of credit and repayment amount 1100 EUR, provided that the credit is returned in equal monthly installments within 12 months.

Citizens of the Republic of Estonia aged 18-70 can apply for financial services. In order to conclude the contract, the applicant needs to perform personal identification through an ID card, Mobile ID or Smart ID application.

3. Modena bank payments - convenient and safe payment method

Modena bank payments are used in this e-shop, which follow the highest online security standards. The service, which is based on the European "Open Banking" standard, allows you to pay for your purchase instantly in the bank of your choice or with Visa/Mastercard. There are no intermediaries, which means that the amount goes directly to the merchant in an instant.

You can find additional information on payment methods and FAQs here

Modena payment solutions and financial services are offered by Modena Estonia OÜ (Reg: 14820592), which operates on the basis of license 4.1-1/100 of the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority.