♡ How to get the stroller serviced?

If you have purchased your stroller directly from us and not from the secondary market, it is possible to agree on a suitable time for the maintenance of the stroller. We perform maintenance once a month and it is free for the customer. You can make an appointment by sending your maintenance request to maintenance@stroller24.com. Due to the large volumes, unfortunately we can only offer this service to customers who have purchased their stroller directly from us. The service is free.

♡ How is my data processed?

All your personal data is confidential and we will not use it with third parties without your consent (for example, in social media marketing, advertising providers, etc.). We would be very grateful if you could send us pictures of the purchased products and allow them to be used on social media with reference to you. but we won't do it without prior consent!

♡ Can I delete my account?

Yes. To do this, send us a letter that you want to delete the account. However, if you have placed an order, please save the invoice under "My orders", as it is necessary for the warranty.

♡ How long is the product warranty?

Claims can be made within two years of placing the order. In addition, the manufacturer's additional warranty extends to some products. The guarantee is based on your order, which is automatically saved in our system and is accessible when you log in as a user. Or if you contact us and we can search by name or e-mail address. In an effort to move towards a greener environment, we try to avoid excessive paperwork, and therefore we do not issue paper warranty letters (unless you specifically express your wish for this).

♡ What is the difference between a stroller and a light stroller?

A stroller weighing more than ten kilograms is considered a stroller, while light strollers are generally up to 10 kg. In most cases, light strollers can also be folded in one piece.

♡ What are FF and BF?

FF - facing the direction of driving, BF - facing the direction of driving. In other words, you can place the child's seat on the frame of the stroller.

♡ Seat with depression and seat without comfort?

A seat with a hole is a stroller seat where the child has a small hole in the bottom. It can be used from six months of age, if he can already sit up on his own. The comfort seat can mostly be used from the birth of the child, unless otherwise stated in the instructions. NB! In the case of sports strollers, the minimum age is also at least 6 months when using the seat. Stroller baskets can be used from birth (however, we do not recommend practicing fast-paced sports with a newborn)

♡ What do security equipment groups mean?

Breakdown of what weight and age a child could use this safety equipment to be as safe as possible:

Safety equipment group Child's weight kg Child's age

0 group 0-10 0-12 months

0+ group 0-13 0-15 months

Group I 9-18 1-4 years

Group II 12-25 4-6 years

Group III 22-36 6-12 years

i-Size, a new standard based on the child's height, not weight. The I-Size safety equipment can always be used with the isofix base to guarantee maximum safety.

♡ Isofix?

Most newer vehicles have anchors of fixed dimensions on the seats, where the seat of the safety equipment can be attached, which in turn holds the car seat or chair firmly in place in one place.