Leokid stroller and car accessories

Leokid stroller and car accessories


Bag backback

Price €62.00

The Leokid bag backpack is a functional accessory appreciated by parents as it keeps all you need close. The backpack has convenient adjustable shoulder straps that allow wearing it on your back. The Leokid bag backpack is made of durable water-repellent coating that endures long service life of the accessory. Universal-sized thermo-pockets not only maintain the comfortable temperature of the baby’s meal, but also fix bottles to prevent them from leaking.

An adjustable belt permits to easily fasten the Leokid bag backpack to the stroller or carry the accessory in hands or over the shoulder. Good-sized compartment and convenient pockets allow you to take all the things you may need during a walk. Wet things can be put into a waterproof pocket.

Universal rain cover
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Universal rain cover

Price €52.70 Regular price €62.00

Leokid rain cover for a stroller is a stylish and cozy companion in nasty weather.It protects your baby from rain, wind, and snow.

It has a universal size and fits most strollers with standard hood, carrycots, and second stroller seats. The accessory has side windows that increase the viewing area, allowing your little one to enjoy both front and side views. A big window allows you to easily take the baby from the stroller. There is a Velcro to fix the window open. The rain cover has a convenient back pocket to store bottles, toys, and other accessories.

Besides, it has special ventilation holes allowing the inflow of fresh air, reflective elements, and zippers with water-repellent coating.

Universal hand muffs

Price €33.00

Hand muffs Leokid to protect hands from cold, wind, and precipitation while pushing a stroller or a sledge with a baby.

One size fits all, hand muffs can be used with the majority of strollers.

Are fastened to the stroller handles with Velcro.

Adjustable cuffs.