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Stroller24 rental conditions

1. General provisions

1.1. With this Agreement (hereinafter the Agreement), the Lessor provides the Lessee with a lightweight stroller, car seat, car seat, pram and / or

related accessories for temporary use for an agreed amount.

(hereinafter referred to as the Products), more detailed options are set out in the Agreement.

1.2. This Agreement shall enter into force upon signature and shall terminate upon the performance of all obligations under this Agreement by

both Parties.

1.3. The agreement is drawn up in two copies, one for each party.

1.4. Renting and returning the goods is only possible during the opening hours of the representative office (visible on the website).

2. Tenant's rights and obligations

2.1. During its validity, the Agreement entitles the Lessee to possess and use the Product or Products that are the object of the Agreement and to

perform actions directly related to the above (representation before the authorities, etc.).

2.2. The Lessee has the right to use the Product outside the Republic of Estonia.

2.3. The Lessee is obliged to return the Product (s) on time to the person authorized by the Lessor, at the place specified in the lease agreement.

2.4. In the event of a delay in the return of the Product or Products, the Lessee is obliged to compensate the Lessor for the damage caused by the

non-timely return. The parties estimate the amount of the damage as the agreed calculated fee for each hour of delay in the return. If more than

15 minutes have elapsed since the start of a new hour, it will be considered a full hour.

2.5. The agreed fee for delayed return is € 10 per hour. The amount includes VAT. 2.6. The Lessee is obliged to treat the Product prudently.

2.7. The Lessee undertakes to immediately notify the Lessor of any accident or situation with the Product when the Product left the Lessee's


2.8. From the delivery of the Product until its return, the Lessee is fully responsible for the use of the Products. (liability for damage caused by a

source of increased danger) and / or loss and / or partial destruction and / or breach of the law.

2.9. The Lessee is obliged to compensate the damage caused to the Product immediately, in case of larger damages within 1 month, from the

term of returning the Product specified in the Agreement. The amount of damage is determined on the basis of the Product manufacturer's spare

parts price lists or repair calculations.

2.10. The Lessee has no right to give the Product for use for a fee or to pay to third parties without the written permission of the Lessor.

3. Rights and obligations of the landlord

3.1. The Lessor is obliged to place the Product in the possession of the Lessee by the term provided in the Agreement, until the end of the period

agreed in the Agreement.

3.2. The Lessor is obliged to submit claims to the Lessee regarding the Product immediately after its return by the Lessee.

3.3. The Lessor or a person authorized by the Lessor has the right to take back the Product from the Lessee (or the Product Holder) upon the

expiry of the Product return term and demand compensation from the Lessee for non-timely return of the Product in accordance with clauses 2.4

of the Agreement. and 2.5.

3.4. The Lessor has the right to receive compensation from the Lessee for the damage caused to the Product by the Lessee by an intentional or

negligent act or in any other way.