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Comfort 2-1 footmuff

Comfort 2-1 footmuff

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A convenient companion – even at cold winter days. The lambskin liner can be removed for use in the buggy or car seat.


♡ Wind- and water repellent outer material

♡ Cozy fleece inside, matching with the color of outer fabric

♡ Warm filling

♡ 6 harness holes

♡ Backside in color black with anti-slip dots

♡ Head area can be drawn together into mummy shape

♡ The foot part is completely removable with the all-around-zipper. Dirty and wet baby shoes will not soil the footmuff.

♡ If you open the main zipper and remove the lower foot part, you can use the footmuff quickly as a big, soft quilt for changing diapers or playing under way

♡ Washable at 40°

Lambskin liner:

♡ Made of medical tanned lambskin

♡ The real lambskin offers natural warmth and is temperature-regulating

♡ Hairlength: approx. 30 mm, shorn

♡ Backing with fabric in color white

♡ The velcros on the backside of the lambskin liner keep it in place inside the footmuff

♡ Hand wash recommended at 30°C with special lambskin soap with special lambskin soap

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