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DipDap run bike

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The run bike DIP DAP is a brilliant first bike with 12" air filled tires for child starting from age 3.

♡ The run bike DIP DAP is made from birch plywood, its high quality materials and well designed features.

♡ The surface is treated with environmentally and child friendly linseed oil instead of varnish.

♡ Lightweight but strong. Weighs only 3.9 kg.

♡ The seat is easily and infinitely adjustable between 34 cm – 45 cm.

♡ Seat pad made from durable fabric and is removable for washing.

♡ Unique steering joint prevents to extreme direction changes and a crimping of the fingers provided added stability and safety.

♡ Scratches can easily be removed by using fine sandpaper and applying furniture oil to make your wonderful vehicle look like new.



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