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Hesba Condor Coupé
  • Hesba Condor Coupé
  • Hesba Condor Coupé
  • Hesba Condor Coupé
  • Hesba Condor Coupé

Demo unit: Condor Coupé 2-1 pram set

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Demo unit is sold only from our store. No option for delivery. It has 6 months warranty.

Hesba Condor Coupé is elegant, soft, rounded soft cover with safety U-bracket.

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♡ Discover our versatile combination prams of the highest quality and craftsmanship that will be with you and your baby from birth through its days as a toddler in the pushchair.

♡ The timeless, classical and very precious design stands out and makes it a very special pram for special people.

♡ At the same time, HESBA prams are robust, durable and can be used through every season of the year. That makes them ideal companions in all weather conditions, not just on sunny days.

♡ Only a high-quality suspension allows comfortable lying and sitting on bumpy roads. Cobbled roads, paths full of roots – your baby will experience a smooth and undisturbed ride. 

♡ Your child grows and develops, and our combination prams follow! During the first 6 months, your baby lies comfortably in the lie-flat pram, which can also be used as a carrycot. As soon as your baby can sit, it can be put in the pushchair attachment. 

♡ Create your own pram from numerous colour combinations and give it your own personality and individuality.

♡ Pram with removable lightweight carrycot.

♡ For a back-friendly development, your child requires a perfect lying area especially during the first months. A horizontal position and plenty of space to stretch are especially important. Our specially developed lightweight carrycot is particularly spacious, stable and mobile at the same time and therefore guarantees optimal sleeping comfort. As soon as your baby has fallen asleep in the pram, you can comfortably carry it in the carrycot into the house without having to wake it up. Mattresses are available as accessories and provide perfect lying comfort.

♡ As soon as your child can sit independently, the carrycot is often no longer of use. By attaching the safety bracket the pram attachment can be modified into a pushchair without problems.

♡ The backrest can be adjusted in five different positions and allows sitting, lying or lying in a higher position. The pushchair attachment can be positioned flexibly either facing forwards or backwards. The footrest can be adjusted in three positions. The canopy can be removed.

♡ Thanks to the soft-joint suspension, the pram navigates uneven surfaces, country paths and cobbled roads easily. The smooth rocking allows the babies to sleep peacefully and undisturbed. This suspension-feature supports a back-friendly development of your child.

♡ The chrome-plated steel tube chassis is robust and extremely durable. The basket at the bottom of the chassis can be loaded with a max. weight of 5 kg and helps when transporting small shopping. The chassis is collapsible to be stowed away e.g. in the car trunk.

♡ Please note, Chrome has to be maintained regularly.

♡ Depending on the wheel size, the chassis is delivered with U-brakes (rim Ø: 30 cm) or standard brakes (rim Ø: 25 cm). Both types of brakes can be easily operated with one foot.

♡ The height of the standard push handle with contaminant-free „solight ecco ®“ covering can be adjusted and it can be folded down. It is also available with real hand-sewn leather.

♡ You can select from different wheel types:

♡ NEW: solight-ecco ® Wheels without tyre tube with the comfort of a pneumatic tyre. And they have the advantage that they do not have to be inflated. The new solight-ecco ® wheel without tyre tube is available in rim sizes 25 and 30 cm. Colour: black

♡ Sporty pneumatic tyres in rim size 25 cm, Colour: black.

♡ The elegant hard rubber tyres are less durable but they are a nice alternative as elegant second wheel set for the Sunday outing in the city. Colour: white. Available in both rim sizes (25 and 30 cm) which can be combined.

♡ All wheels have chrome-plated spokes.

♡ All fabrics comply with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

♡ Delivery includes:

♡ hood

♡ Lightweight carrycot

♡ pushchair attachment

♡ pram frame

♡ wheelset

♡ canopy for lightweight carrycot

♡ safety bar

♡ boot cover

♡ Size of carrycot lying area:

♡ 80 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm

♡ pram height:

♡ 112 cm / chassis type wheels 250

♡ 114 cm / chassis type wheels 300

♡ Pram length:

♡ 95 cm

♡ Chassis collapsed including wheels without pram:

♡ L=83 cm / B=60 cm / H=43-45 cm (depending on tire size)

♡ Chassis collapsed including wheels and pram:

♡ L=95 cm / B=60 cm / H=57-59 cm (depending on tire size)

♡ Wheels:

♡ All wheels have chrome-plated rims and chrome-plated metal spokes. Our pneumatic tyres and the wheels without tyre tube come with a ball bearing.

♡ Lying area in the pushchair attachment:

♡ 32 x 90 cm, with accessories Backrest extension 32 x 94 cm

♡ Height of the backrest:

♡ 42 cm, with accessories backrest extension 48 cm

♡ Weight complete pram

♡ 19,5 to 20,0 kg depending on the wheel size

♡ Hesba single color exterior fabric

900 726 640 777
785 277 560 501

♡ Hesba exterior fabric 2 colors

298 596 703 517
557 285 365 603
522 503 765 685
782 665 286 594
274 637 767

♡ Hesba exterior partial leather group I

796 529 283 761
684 669 728 541
647 682 546

♡ Hesba exterior partial leather group II


♡ Hesba exterior partial leather group III

723 888 793 281

♡ Hesba full leather exterior

190 321 551

♡ Hesba interior fabric group I

109 105 185 110

♡ Hesba interior fabric group II

200 150 176 270
134 718 130 119
227 117 120 238
230 132 250 166
172 101 108 700

♡ Hesba deluxe interior fabric

222 237 232 177
124 180

♡ Hesba handlebar

standard 9500 9501 9502
9503 9505 9507 9508
9509 9511 9512 9513
9514 9521 9522 9523
9526 9533 9555 9580

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