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Thule Chariot Sport 2
  • Thule Chariot Sport 2
  • Thule Chariot Sport 2
  • Thule Chariot Sport 2
  • Thule Chariot Sport 2
  • Thule Chariot Sport 2
  • Thule Chariot Sport 2
  • Thule Chariot Sport 2
  • Thule Chariot Sport 2
  • Thule Chariot Sport 2
  • Thule Chariot Sport 2
  • Thule Chariot Sport 2
  • Thule Chariot Sport 2
  • Thule Chariot Sport 2
  • Thule Chariot Sport 2
  • Thule Chariot Sport 2
  • Thule Chariot Sport 2
  • Thule Chariot Sport 2

Chariot Sport 2 bike trailer - single seat

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♡ Ultimate comfort and flexibility
Designed to make exercise safe, easy and fun, the Thule Chariot Sport 2 allows an easy transition from cycling to walking and running. A quick, one-handed 180-degree wheel turn turns the bike trailer into a stroller in seconds. In addition, the redesigned towbar features a one-click secure attachment for easy attachment and added protection with an integrated lock. With flexible seating options for one or two children, the Thule Chariot Sport meets the unique needs of every family.

♡ Advanced security features
In the Thule Chariot Sport 2 stroller, greater safety is central. Equipped with a highly visible integrated LED light, you will be noticed in all conditions. Powerful disc brakes allow you to stop in seconds when running, while the simple and secure installation of the towbar ensures the correct attachment every time. All Thule bike trailers are crash tested in our own state-of-the-art testing facilities to ensure our trailers exceed all required testing standards.

♡ Ultimate child comfort with sustainable design
The Thule Chariot Sport 2 stroller welcomes the child with ergonomically designed plush seats that offer unparalleled comfort. With the support of the best ventilation in the field, the child can enjoy a comfortable and airy ride. The Thule Chariot Sport 2 is designed to be sustainable, using materials that are not only free of PFAS chemicals, but also resistant to sun damage, and can be repaired or replaced with spare parts, extending the life of the trailer.

♡ Modular solution
Whether you're cycling, walking, running or even skiing, the Thule Chariot Sport 2 bike trailer is your year-round off-road training companion. with new advanced running and ski sets (sold separately), transitions between exercise activities are smoother and more comfortable than ever for both parent and child.

♡ Designed for your activities
4 Activities - Designed to comfortably cycle, jog, walk and ski (running and skiing kits sold separately). The included rain cover and parasol keep the child dry and protect him from the sun

♡ Modern, highly visible LED light design
The integrated LED light ensures better visibility in all conditions and a more stylish design. A tail light has been added for better visibility and safety

♡ Manually activated disc brakes
For more control on steeper terrain and while running

♡ Fully padded pull-down seat
Comfortable one-handed reclining, fully padded seat for on-the-go naps

♡ It is easy to change the activity
The redesigned FlipWing system makes it even easier to switch between cycling and walking, and now has the ability to move the wheels up and down when the trailer is attached to the bike

♡ Attaching the towbar with one hand
With the new towbar, the user can easily and safely attach and detach the trailer from the bike using only one hand

♡ Adjustable suspension
With the adjustable suspension, you can adjust the ride comfort as the child grows or if you are transporting heavier items on the trailer

♡ XL size storage space
Large zippered cargo basket for more secure storage of items that can be placed farther away while jogging to prevent it from bumping while moving

♡ Collapsible
The compact and easy-to-use folding mechanism makes taking the holder with you easier than ever

♡ Sitting room with controlled climate
Air-conditioned interior with removable windows and multi-adjustable sun visor. Vents ensure optimal air flow and climate, removable clips provide greater ventilation when using the rain cover

♡ Convenient storage
Thule Click n' Store allows convenient storage of walking, jogging and cycling kits during various activities

♡ Easy maintenance
The comfortable padded seats are removable and easy to clean

♡ Max weight of child 22 kg

♡ Folded dimensions are 86.3 x 63.3 x 37.5 cm

♡ Weight is 18.3 kg

♡ Shoulder width is 40.5 cm

♡ Sitting height is 64 cm

♡ The width is 65.1 cm

♡ Five point seat belts


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