Olaf footmuff

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Leokid Olaf Footmuff is for babies from 0 to 2–3 years old. It keeps little kids warm and protects them from wind, rain, and snow. The footmuff is made of durable 3,000 mm water-repellent fabric. There’s an anti-dirt water-repellent protection cover on the inside of the foot area, so you don’t have to worry about dirty shoes touching the lining.

♡ A state-of-the-art hypoallergenic filling accurately reproduces the structure of natural down and keeps the warmth even at –20 °C.

♡ It provides excellent protection against cold, is moisture-proof, keeps its quality after washing, and does not change shape.

♡ The footmuff slots system is universal, it fits the majority of safety harnesses, including one-piece harnesses. All slots are thoroughly covered by storm flaps.

♡ Leokid Footmuff fits any strollers, car safety seats, and sledges.

♡ Leokid Olaf Footmuff fits any strollers, car safety seats, and sledges. Suitable for walks in fall, winter, spring, and even in cool summer.

  ♡ Insulated for up to –20 °С.
  ♡ Size: 95*50*8 cm
  ♡ Weight: 1,025 g
  ♡ Top fixing: yes
  ♡ Filling: hypoallergenic bio-down (synthetic down)
  ♡ Anti-slip fabric: yes
  ♡ Reflective elements: yes
  ♡ Hood adjustment: yes
  ♡ Water-repellent coating: yes

  ♡ Top: durable fabric (100 % polyether). Bionic-Finish® Eco water-repellent coating
  ♡ Lining: 100 % polyether
  ♡ Filling: hypoallergenic bio-down (synthetic down)
  ♡ Trimming: plastic zippers, plastic snaps, Velcros, a rubber drawstring, a plastic stopper

  ♡ Remove all packaging before use.
  ♡ Prewash is mandatory.
  ♡ Wash with similar colors.
  ♡ Do not turn inside out before washing.
  ♡ Zip up before washing.
  ♡ Put the rubber drawstring with the plastic stopper
  ♡ in the specially designed pocket.
  ♡ Store in a dry well-ventilated area. Keep away from fire.
Machine washable at 40 °C.
  ♡ Do not bleach.
  ♡ No machine drying. Do not iron.
  ♡ Do not dry-clean.


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