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Hesba white sheep skin footmuff

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Exterior Fabric
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This winter foot muff with premium lamb fur is available in the colours “nature” or “white”. It offers the best comfort and ensures that your child will stay comfortable and warm. Natural furs have fascinating characteristics which cannot be copied by synthetic fibres even with the greatest scientific efforts. The fur can be cooling during summer and warming during winter covering a temperature range from minus 30°C to plus 20°C ! We buy our high-quality furs from a German supplier, who tans them with a special method so that they are free from pollutants. All foot muffs can be ordered in the pram colours and have a 2-way zip which can be opened from both sides. The upper part of the foot muff can be removed completely so that only the bottom part can be used as underlay.

Size: 98 x 40 cm